About Us

Mercier Media, Inc. is a modern media agency that provides strategic influencer marketing and modeling booking services. As a modern media company, we specialize in experiential marketing solutions and talent scouting for events and influencer models and bloggers for national marketing and advertising brand campaigns. From event models, to trade show models, spokesmodels, promotional models, men’s models, and models for photo and video shoots, Mercier Media offers an array of services and solutions. Spearheaded by Mercier Media’s founder and CEO, Tayler Mercier, who has experience professionally model as well as planning and executing dozens of photo shoots, events and influencer marketing campaigns for top influencers and brands alike. Mercier Model’s team and roster of influencers offers global brands, large and small, a variety of services options that will let them achieve their goals and objectives.  We don’t stop working for you until you have planned and executed your event or marketing campaign. Mercier Media has a vast array of beautiful men’s models throughout the U.S., making influencer marketing easier to plan, create and launch.

Tayler Mercier is the founder & CEO of Mercier Media, Inc., a Houston-based influencer marketing agency providing a variety of full-service digital marketing & production services and beautiful professional models and influencers. Tayler has extensive experience being a professional swimsuit model, influencer, and Playboy model who has been internationally published on numerous prominent magazine covers including Playboy Magazine and FHM. With over 250,000 followers on Instagram, Tayler has established a strong reputation in the beauty and lifestyle industries as a beautiful, vibrant and smart business woman. As a seasoned influencer, Tayler created and launched Mercier Media to the world in 2021. This new influencer lifestyle agency brings together major brands and influencers to develop innovative brand partnerships, advertising campaigns, sponsored events, red carpet events, and much more. From photoshoot to video production, to OnlyFans and social media marketing consulting, Mercier Media, Inc. offers a variety of services.